Litigation – Representation in Court

Litigation – Representation in Court

Zaig law Firm represents clients in a court of law, for maximum business benefit.

The staff of Zaig Law Firm has long term experience in the management of legal procedures, while working to attain positive and efficient arrangements through dispute resolution out of court, measuring the odds for success against the risks and utilizing a variety of strategies and legal tools that maintain the clients’ commercial interests.

Once court is deemed inevitable, the staff is fully prepared to represent the client in a personal and professional manner throughout the entire proceedings.

We specialize in the following litigation services: commercial claims – financial and control disputes, personal claims by holder of controlling interest, directors and shareholders, banking and the capital market, supplier claims, labor law, breach of agreements, tenders, intellectual property and more.

The staff has in-depth and thorough experience in handling legal proceedings and representing companies and individuals in court. Zaig Law Firm specializes in complex claims (restraining orders, liens, seizures and such). Legal consultation is tailor made to fit the clients’ specific needs and is complemented by creative, professional and cutting-edge legal thought and research.