Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Zaig Law Firm offers companies, businesses and entrepreneurs ongoing consultation services supporting all relevant phases, including the initial stages of company incorporation.   

The staff of Zaig Law Firm's commercial department represents companies, businesses and entrepreneurs, offering business initiation and management consultation. The staff offers clients courteous and professional representation, leaning on thorough legal knowledge, commercial expertise and many years of experience in working with a wide variety of companies, to the best interest of each and every client.

Zaig Law Firm represents companies and organizations in the high-tech, bio-tech ad low-tech fields, while providing all required legal services, including: consultation & drawing of founding agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder contracts, capital fundraising and issue of shares, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property, cooperation between companies, employee agreements, supplier agreements, website regulations, consultation and changes in work regulations due to company changes.

In addition, the staff consults clients during board meetings and various important business junctures, as deemed necessary.

Our clients include banks as well as insurance, low-tech, high-tech and start-up companies. We represent clients in Israel as well as overseas.