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Clients and Recommendations

Zaig Law Firm offers consultation and represents clients on a long term basis. Our long term clients include banks and insurance companies, while we also represent entrepreneurs and businesses from Israel and abroad. We provide constant consultation and represent our clients throughout their daily business routine.

Our recommendations include:


“What struck me immediately regarding Kobi and his team was the level of knowledge, counsel
and expertise they brought to the table in various facets supporting my business model. ….it
has proven beneficial in many capacities while still maintaining efficient costing and
personalized service.”
- Alon Barmapov, General Manager, Prizsm Public Affairs Inc.
“Kobi handled our case with dedication and professionalism, while maintaining a pleasant
atmosphere and promoting a compromise that was acceptable to both sides. “
- A. Gabai
“Kobi saved me from a crook that was posing as a businessperson and swindling many smart
and good people. Kobi’s impressive negotiating skills rid me of debt and freed me from the
brutal contracts that I signed. “
- R. (businessperson from central Israel)
“Kobi was uncompromising in his professionalism, sharp and quick and had a broad
understanding of our needs.”
- IPT Ltd 
“Kobi has accompanied our company since its inception. He is always attuned to us, and his
professionalism is hard to find elsewhere.”
- Moshe Harlofsky, A.N Businesses Do Business Ltd.

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